About me

Hello. I'm Stephen, the face behind Black Tablet with over 20 years experience as a programmer. Having named my new iPad "Monolith" after the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey - one of my favourite films - I realised that both Monoliths had the power to spark curiosity and knowledge and so they gave me the name for my venture. The Black Tablet logo is my curious take on an ape's view of the Monolith mashed with a bit of "touch" imagery ... Really.

I bought a Macintosh in 1984 and have remained a user since then as Apple's attention to detail and the synergy of hardware and software really appeals to me. I never got around to programming the Macintosh (though I'd bought the books!) So when the I found the time and the developer entry price had dropped to affordable levels, I felt that it was time for me to develop apps for the iPhone.

Bargain was my first app which answered a practical need of my own after being frustrated with a corner shop's pricing labels one night!

My apps developed faster after writing my first, along with finding a bunch of helpful fellow iPhone and iPad developers in Brighton, though since moving I can't conveniently attend their meetings any more.

The introduction of the iPad in 2010 opened up another realm of exciting possibilities which I made use of when writing Dicewords.

And now, in 2019, I've written my first app for MacOS: 1000 Words.