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image from TV Century 21 magazineAs mentioned on Gerry Anderson Podcast number 25.

This futuristic, yet retro technology allows you to break the secret codes supplied in the 1960s Sci-Fi comic "TV Century 21". Not only that, but you can encode your own messages to surprise your friends on Twitter.    

The original issue of the comic on January 23rd 1965 came with a functionally identical code-breaker but, almost 50 years later they are a rare beast indeed and possibly chewed and mouldy as they were made of thin card and paper. So, if you have some old copies of the magazine and you've been yearning to decipher those secret messages at the foot of the pages then this is the app you've been looking for!

☞ Works with iPhone and iPod touch
☞ Identicode requires at least iPhone 6 or iPod touch (7th generation)
☞ Coded message scanning with the camera requires iOS15 or newer


Supports Red and Blue codes

Supports encoding and decoding of messages

Use the camera to quickly scan in coded messages

Copy and paste

Shake to clear

Exciting futuristic, retro look, feel and sounds

Physical feel when clicking buttons (on supported devices)

Escapist fun and silliness


What do those odd buttons do?

The image showing convert code to text button in app button means that when tapped, Identicode expects you to write a coded message, probably taken from a copy of the Century 21 magazine, into the uppermost text box for decoding into readable text.

The image showing convert text to code button in app button means that when tapped, Identicode expects you to write human readable text into the uppermost text box for encoding.

Why the red and blue buttons?

In the original magazine, some messages were given in red and some in blue; each colour uses different decoding/encoding which the app understands.

If for example, you are decoding a supplied red message then tap the red button - text in the upper input box will turn red as confirmation and the decoded readable text appears in the lower box in black after tapping the Convert button.

To encode your own message into blue code then tap the blue button - text in the upper input box will show as black (indicating readable text) and the coded text appears in the lower box in blue after tapping the Convert button.

What does (BLUE CODE) or (RED CODE) in my shared text mean?

When you encode a message and then copy or share it, Identicode (V1.4+) records the encoded colour as well. When the receiving agent pastes the text you’ve sent/shared into their copy of Identicode (V1.4+) it automatically switches to Decode and selects the right colour. You just need to tap Convert to read the actual message!

The previously used [[BLUE]] and [[RED]] codes in copied/shared messages will no longer be recognised from version 2.0 of Identicode

How can I clear everything to start a new coding session?

Shake your device.

How do I find out the app’s version number?

Tap Help at the bottom of the screen.

How do I scan coded messages with the camera?

Tap the camera button to bring up the scanning area in the lower part of Identicode. Move your device until the coded text - including text contained within the initial () - appears highlighted and appears in Identicode’s code entry box, then tap Insert, then ‘done’. Tapping ‘done’ allows Identicode to interpret the message colour.

Why is my green camera button not working?

The coded text scanning option requires at least iOS15.